How to Participate

Teams and individuals will be assembled and challenged to ride relay-style from February 4th – 5th. In the spirit of the event name, each bike and each hour will represent a different color of cancer, totaling 20 colors and hours (see schedule below for the schedule of colors). Participants will not only benefit from raising money for an important and widespread cause, but they will also get an amazing cardio workout, while having fun!

Riders may register as individuals or as a group. Each rider will pay a registration fee and must set a goal of $250 per bike to ride (each additional hour is an additional $100 per hour goal).

  • Registration until event day: $50
  • Event Weekend Registration: $60
  • Student Registration: $25


2014_2020_Riders  2020_group_shot_web

20 Colors 20 Hours Schedule: Saturday, February 4th 8am-8pm and Sunday, February 5th 8am-4pm

Saturday 8am-9am- Gold: Childhood
Saturday 9am-10am- Dark Blue: Colon/ Rectal/ Colorectal
Saturday 10am-11am- Gray: Brain
Saturday 11am- 12pm- Purple: Pancreatic / Leiomyosarcoma/ Hodgkin’s Lymphoma/ Desmoplastic
Saturday 12pm- 1pm- Peach: Endometrial/ Uterine
Saturday 1pm-2pm- Teal: Ovarian / Cervical/ Thyroid
Saturday 2pm-3pm- Pink: Breast
Saturday 3pm-4pm- Amber: Appendix
Saturday 4pm-5pm- Royal Blue: Testicular/ Male Breast
Saturday 5pm-6pm- Light Blue: Prostate
Saturday 6pm-7pm -Kelly Green: Gallbladder/ Bile Duct
Saturday 7pm-8pm- Periwinkle: Esophageal/ Gastric/ Small Intestine
Sunday 8am-9am – Black: Melanoma/ Neuroendocrine
Sunday 9am-10am- Yellow: Sarcoma/ Bone/ Bladder
Sunday 10am-11am- White: Lung/ Retinoblastoma/ Mesothelioma
Sunday 11am-12pm- Lime Green: Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
Sunday 12pm-1pm- Orange: Leukemia/ Kidney/ Skin Cancer
Sunday 1pm-2pm- Burgundy: Head/ Neck/ Throat/ Laryngeal/ Pharyngeal/ Multiple Myeloma
Sunday 2pm-3pm- Emerald Green: Liver
Sunday 3pm-4pm- Lavender: General Cancer Awareness